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Sometimes you receive an email that sounds like a Golden Offer… And sometimes it is!

But even with my years of background and knowledge about digital marketing, sometimes I’m taken in by too-good-to-be-true offers… Or nearly taken it…

I received an email recently, apparently from a new LinkedIn contact utilising the LI feature of being able to email connections outside of the site…

It went like this:

Beware of Marketing that sounds too good to be true!

From: Rachael Reid

Subject: My Biggest Online Tip Q4 2018 (ed: But it’s only Q4 of 2017??)

Hey it’s Racheal,

If there is one recommendation I give all year as a Facebook marketing agency it’s time to grow your Instagram following.

Already in trial is Instagram shopping, a place where 800million consumers can shop directly within the app. Those with a following and who utilise influencers will generate far more revenue than those using traditional marketing methods.

This Includes everyone from digital spaces like ecommerce to trades like mechanics, builders as well as the likes of personal trainers, business advisers and lifestyle coaches.

We successfully outsource our Instagram marketing to who for just $29 a month (yes thats all) grow our accounts by 50-300 active followers a day, from which we generate leads and sales (including international opportunities).

Need Facebook marketing, get in touch with us, but for Instagram go to and get your $29 a month service, we culd not recommend their work enough (we won’t even try to compete with that price).

Warm Regards,

Racheal Reid
Managing Director
Rocking The Stage
Email Marketing Certification HubSpot Design CertificationContent Marketing CertificationGrowth-Driven Design Agency Certification

P.S We have 100% client retention and lots of reviews because we are really good at what we do, I hope you dont mind me reaching out using my LinkedIn contacts but if you do click here to remove yourself from future mail.


Naturally, I was interested in such great results from a mere $29 per month, especially with the forthcoming ‘Instagram shopping’ feature soon to be released… so I clicked through to the site of Social Growth Engine, and what I saw was still interesting, they have a good-looking, well-made site… Though their claim of followers per day was much lower and more realistic… in the area of 100-1000 per month… I was still interested, but not ready to click the ‘Add to Cart’ button…

So I thought to check out the originator of the email, Ms. Rachael Reid… To see her Instagram results, to read some of their wonderful client testimonials and find out more about their Facebook marketing services…

Google returned nothing…

Nothing on Instagram, Nothing on LinkedIn, and nothing more than a space holder webpage at the domain of her web address (makes sense why there are only links to Social Growth Engine, and not their own site…)

So I sent the following email back to my LinkedIn buddy Rachael (except that she isn’t one of my contacts, and her company apparently doesn’t exist…) and yes I was a little pissed off by this stage…

Too Good To Be True Marketing - Social Growth Engine - Rocking the Stage

My reply:

Hello Rachael, I thought you were quite genuine and was interested in your services as well as Socialgrowthengine, but when I looked for your instagram account I found nothing, you don’t seem to exist on LinkedIn (where we apparently connected) and your website which I got from your email address is the

Future home of something quite cool.

apparently… So I wonder how you “have 100% client retention and lots of reviews because we are really good at what we do
I smell the stink of fish… Rotten, rotten, internet scam fish!
Please feel free to provide links to your actual profile, instagram account, website, testimonials etc… Or I guess it’s the spam bin for you… stinky fish!
With kind regards
Simon Henderson

Yes quite a sarky email, but what do you expect if you’re not who you say you are??


And there is a bit more too… Because I did a reverse Google image look up, just to find out if Rachael existed anywhere else on the internet… And she does!!!

Too Good To Be True Marketing - Rocking The Stage and


Part two of my email:


I was also interested in finding the real you online, so did a reverse photo look up… And you’ll be shocked to find out that your face has been stolen and is on two (at least) stock photo sites…
And the worst thing is that you’re not even going to get paid for it… They’re free!
Just thought you should know…
With stinky fish smells
Simeon Hendrickson-Burgermeister
(now we are equally real)
(my profile picture)

It’s not usually my style…

And I hope to receive an email reply putting me straight on: how I missed their new website, couldn’t find their Instagram account and somehow couldn’t find Rachael Reid’s LinkedIn profile, where it says that she did some stock photo modeling for extra cash recently…
But I doubt it… My real question is whether Social Growth Engine knows about this fake company promoting them? Whether they paid for the advertising, or if it’s an affiliate marketing trying to coin in…
I’ll wait a few days before a/ clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of Rachael’s email and b/ contacting Social Growth Engine and asking them about their involvement with ‘Rocking The Stage‘ fake company…
But the lesson for everyone is that we need to check out claims of companies offering online services before parting with our money… And it’s a reminder for me that I need to make sure I’m setting the best example I can for others to follow… How can I show the quality and validity of my own work… As I develop this site it will be one of my goals to show with as much transparency as possible how we work, who we work with and the results we get!


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