Best Online Customer Booking System

I’ve been doing some research for my clients lately about the best options for setting up online customer booking systems for a clinic or spa…

There are lots of choices for online client bookings systems out there. The decent ones all seem to be paid options, which at least means you’ll get customer support and you’d expect it to work properly. My other criteria include: the ability to take payments online, flexible time slots, email confirmation of bookings, slick and integrates well with your existing site, integrates with self-hosted WordPress, has a good customer approval rating, good customer service… etc…

Online customer booking system - your clients can book their treatments during their lunch break

Use an online client booking system to save time! Reduce your admin and streamline your customer communication cycle using automated emails!

And I’m sure there will be more as I do my research…

(Edit: New criteria… Needs to also work as a standalone widget or page, just in case your main site goes down)

So far I’ve looked at a good number and I think I’ve found one that I’m happy to recommend. I’m going to try it out myself before I tell you more about it (I don’t like to recommend anything that I haven’t fully tested myself!)

So stand by for more information soon!

Until then, if you’ve tried online customer booking systems for your clinic or spa, please leave comments below, for both positive and negative experiences…

I’m sorry to say that upon further testing [Gravity Forms] let me down in a few key areas, wasn’t nearly flexible enough and turned out to be entirely unsuitable for my needs… So I can no longer recommend Gravity Forms for use in a clinic, spa or wellbeing type of arrangement for booking clients online.

What is the Best Online Customer Booking System?

In my experiments, I have researched and tried a good number of different online booking systems, each one being unsuitable for my purposes in one way or another… Some were so difficult to use that I thought I would lose my mind!! Some were simply too expensive! Others lacked payment options, some lacked automatic email reminders. Some were just not able to do what I needed them to do…

Online client booking system - your clients can book their treatments during their work day

Use an Online Customer Booking System so your clients can book their treatments during their workday! They’ll be ready to come to you when they’ve finished for the day. Or if you’re providing onsite office massage your clients can visit you on their break.

Finally, I settled upon what I found to be the best in terms of usability, functionality, stability, price vs features and customer support.

There are still a few glitches and bugs, as well as features that are not yet available. Overall it is a very good, solid and reliable service.

It does take some learning to get used to the way the system works but it is actually quite flexible (if you bend the rules a little bit)

What did I choose? BookingBug!

I’ve chosen BookingBug as my online customer booking system! More details to follow soon…

Here is an example of the BookingBug plugin in action.

I mainly use this plugin to manage my corporate massage clients. BookingBug allows me to do that by setting different clients, different services, and even to have multiple therapists working at the same time. Although that is an upgrade from the basic account.

If people are interested I’m happy to give some outlines on how I use the plugin in a new blog post. I’ve found ways it can be quite flexible and allow for more features than the price point is supposed to allow… It works for me anyway… Your Mileage May Vary 😉




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