How Came To Be…

Greetings Shiatsu Therapists!

Do you want to Fill your Clinic with Clients in only a few months, without having to learn EVERYTHING (about Online Marketing) yourself first!

My name is Simon Henderson, also known as The Shiatsu Guy, I’m a Shiatsu therapist and onsite chair massage therapist, working in London UK until recently.

If you’re like me you’re passionate about Shiatsu and helping people, but you recognise the struggle of getting the word out there to the right people in a time-efficient way…

The team will help you get to the front page of Google, speak directly to your potential customers and turn them into clients much more easily!

Say goodbye to languishing on page (whatever!) of the search results while no-one finds you…

Instead, by working with you get:

  • Specialists at marketing Shiatsu Therapists – I built up my private Shiatsu practice and a corporate massage business primarily due to my online and social media presence.
  • Expert knowledge – So you don’t have to learn everything for yourself.
  • A dedicated account manager – to look after your online presence and monitor changes so that you have peace of mind all the time

This is my Story…

I discovered Shiatsu in 1999 through a 6 week night class at a local college. All I really knew about Shiatsu at that point, from searching the internet in the days before Google, was that it was a massage technique from Japan, meaning ‘Finger Pressure’ and was good for the giver as well as the receiver.

The first moment I laid my hands on someone I knew that this is what I was supposed to spend my life doing!

It felt so natural to me to work in this way and to make people feel better in their bodies.

By the end of the 6 weeks I had investigated a number of colleges in my area and had chosen one to do my Shiatsu training with… In three short years I would be a qualified Shiatsu therapist and I would start to heal the world 🙂

Now life doesn’t always go to plan like that, and it took me quite a bit longer in fact… I moved cities and had to commute back to attend class. Crazy things happened like I would start a new job the same week as the new semester would start and I would miss the semester in order to get settled in my job…

Then in the third year things got really intense, Shiatsu didn’t make sense like it used to anymore, everything was complicated and I was definitely stuck in my head at lot of the time. Plus my pressure sucked and all I could think about was whether I had the right diagnosis and whether I was feeling the meridians or just following the ‘map’… Having to work on my teachers sent me into a tailspin…

Eventually I decided to go travelling and take an extended break…

So I went to the home of Shiatsu in Japan!

No actually… I went to India… I travelled the country, meditated and did a little bit of yoga, but mostly I wandered and explored… the country and myself…

While travelling in India I discovered a therapy called RESET and studied it. RESET is a Kinesiology based Jaw Release treatment. I learned it and started practicing it on friends that I met on the road.

Through RESET I began to give Shiatsu treatments again, but without the focus on being right, or good… Just working with what I found in the body under my hands… And suddenly Shiatsu started making sense again, I was back in my own body working in a natural way…

After my travels in India I returned to London to complete my studies, finally qualifying in 2007… a bit longer than 3 years after I started…

I was now ready to take on the world, to bring Shiatsu to the masses!

But there were a few things missing… I didn’t have any clients yet…

Word of mouth and putting fliers around my local area helped to bring me a few people. I also joined a clinic above a Yoga studio and got a few referrals from them, but it was a long way from being a full-time income.

At the same time I was still working another job, making ends meet, spending as much time doing Shiatsu as I could…

I knew that I needed to do something more, something better, to find a way to connect with the people that needed Shiatsu but hadn’t heard about it yet (a lot of people in those days)

One thing I did was join a Business Networking Group (early mornings, stale croissants and kinda expensive for the results) and set up my first website!

My first website was my best attempt at the time to explain who I was and what I did! I made a website with the software on my Mac and bought a domain name

Quite the snappy name! Everything was there, My name, that I Integrated Health, and that I was based in the UK!

But try to turn that into an email address and tell it to someone at a social gathering… Simon at Simon Henderson Integrated Health dot co dot uk… What??

(Oh and the website was really ugly… I don’t think I had any visitors either)

So the next brainwave came when I stopped to think about what I am REALLY about… How do I want to present myself?

That was when The Shiatsu Guy was born!

A friend and colleague from the business networking group set me up with a new website and started to go to work on my presence and social media profiles…

We swapped Shiatsu treatments for SEO services and everything was going well for a while… But after some time I realised that it wasn’t really working out how I wanted it to… I wasn’t getting enquiries… My friend was very much a Corporate SEO and Social Media agent and she wasn’t hitting the mark for where I needed to be.

So I started to learn more about how Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) worked for myself, and discovered that it’s not just about ranking in the search engines (Ok, ranking in Google) but about so many other factors, including What you write on the page, How you write about it, What information you give them, How you are targeting the keywords, Why you are targeting those keywords… Even Who you are writing to and for…

And much of that just falls under ‘Copywriting’… there are a number of other interlinking fields… (Listed at the bottom of this page…)

So I started learning, attending seminars, researching online, buying software, testing systems and…

Started getting results!

There was still a lot to learn and the playing field was always changing, but I had started to get my websites to rank in Google, on the front page, for specific keywords… I was pretty happy with that result 🙂

During this time I had added Onsite Chair Massage to my set of Therapist skills, because when I asked myself ‘Where are all of the people’ I realised that most of them are at work during the day!

Soon I had two websites, one for my Shiatsu clinic where I saw my private clients, and another for my corporate massage work where I aimed to keep myself, and other therapists, busy during the days…

Over the next few years I developed a thriving Shiatsu clinic, expanding to 3 different locations…

Plus my corporate offering that grew nicely over a number of years to allow me to give regular work to several other therapists.

I was even able to take on a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines, Eirene, who is still working with me today, and is an integral part of my businesses!

Also over this time I consulted for another massage company on their SEO and Social Media presence and wrote the first version of this blog, aimed at helping other Therapists to grow their online presence and build up their client numbers.

Eirene has been quietly working away on as many projects as I can throw at her, and has in many ways surpassed my knowledge of the Online Marketing arena… She is more up to date on the current best practices than I am (best practices are always being updated, changed and tweaked). Eirene has better knowledge of the latest software to use to get the best results, and she has also had more time to devote to learning than I have… So she is the real talent in this equation!

In late 2016 my wife Ereni (not to be confused with Eirene!) and I left the UK for a new life abroad…

After nearly 20 years in or around London it was time for a change… We decided that there must be more to life than London (as much as we love it!) so it was time to explore the world a little…

And after a few months break I find my entrepreneurial self itching to do something new, something of value, something to help people! (the same feelings that got me started in Shiatsu all those years ago!).

So after some incubation and a little bit of consultation, I decided to reboot this blog and focus on helping (primarily) Shiatsu therapists to create and grow their online presence. Helping them gain social media followers, turn visitors into clients, and generally promote their goodness to the world (albeit it a small, local part of the world).

Some of the ways we can help you with your online presence includes:

  • Website hosting and basic setup (we recommend WordPress so much, for so many reasons!)
  • WordPress security and backups, functionality plugins and ‘Pretty-making’
  • General Search Engine Optimisation – so you don’t get hacked and lose all of our hard work!
  • Local SEO – so you can be found in your local area
  • Copywriting for humans, not machines – because Google is looking for real webpages now and not ‘keyword stuffed pages optimised to rank’ – they now get penalised by Google…
  • Social Media account setup and management – so that everything works together in unison, with updates going out regularly, in the correct format for each social channel
  • Online Reputation Management – or helping you look as good as you really are!

Just imagine that in a few short months you have a beautiful website showcasing your talent, several social media channels publishing YOUR content regularly. Every week you’re receiving enquiries from interested visitors who are ready and willing to become your Shiatsu clients… And all of this could be done for you while you attend to your growing client list!

To find out more about what we offer and how we can help you, feel free to check out the services page, browse the blog (where we publish ‘Best Practices’ regularly) or attend a webinar (coming soon!).

We will also be publishing case studies of the first clients that we work with, where they start from, our process and the results that we get for them 🙂

Are you interested in receiving a big discount and want to be a case study client? Then please pop us an email and tell us about yourself, your business and where you want to get to… If you’re a good fit we’ll be in touch with a custom package just for you!

If you are a Clinic or Practice Manager with a number of therapists or therapies to promote, or you have a Shiatsu School or College then please contact us as we are working on a bespoke package just for Clinics and Schools!


Thanks for reading this far down the page… It was quite a long one… We really hope we can help you to grow your Shiatsu Practice, Clinic or College, so that there are even more people bringing the Power and Joy of Shiatsu to the world!